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How to start synchronizing the throttle bodies.

This is a fairly easy one man job. The problem is knowing what and were to adjust to get the job done quickly. The photos in the manual SUCK, that’s way I started this post! But the procedure in manual should be followed for all adjustments! Read the manuals procedures a couple of time to get a good feel for what you’re doing before you start!

First, start by removing most of the fuel, leaving enough to run the bike for a short period of time. (This also keeps the tank easy to handle and secure) I also disconnected the tank and removed it to access the air box easier.

Second, remove the air box to expose the throttle body intakes.

Third, locate the 4 bypass screws just under the fuel rail (injectors), these little shits are a PIA to get to! You’ll need to find a couple of blade screw drivers to access the adjusters, one short and one just a bit longer then your short one. I would recommend taking the time to figuring out how you are going to get to these before you start up the bike. Even practicing how you are going to hold the screw drivers at each location. That way you won’t get frustrated midway through the project and giveup.

Forth, locate the vacuum ports for the synchronizer (in my case a motion pro stick synchronizer) Remove the rubber caps from the ports and hook up the syncs rubber tubes to there corresponding throttle bodies (i.e. 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so on) I found that a long needle nosed pliers worked awesome for this.

Fifth, hook the fuel tank back up (wiring and fuel lines) but positioning the tank backwards on the bike. (It would be a good idea to place some cardboard on the bikes tail section to keep things from getting damaged) and strap the tank some how to keep it from falling. You probably could leave the tank hinged at the back, but this might make it hard to access the adjusters on the throttle bodies.

Now for the adjustments! I could probably go into further detail on how to adjust everything but you would be better suited to read the owners manual to get the blow by blow.

Print off the pages from in the Periodic Maintenance section of the Owners manual that it starts in section 2 page 35 to page 38 to get the final adjustments procedure.

A quick 101, (this should not be followed verbatim but it’s more for “so that’s how it kinda works) The goal is to have the highest two vacuums between the left 2 throttle bodies (1 and 2) and right 2 throttle bodies (3and 4) be the same and be with in the service limits…… Essentially you want all 4 throttle valves to be the same

With the idle adjusted properly, You’ll start by adjusting the lowest vacuum of the left (#1 and #2) throttle bodies to the highest vacuum of the left (#1 and #2) throttle bodies then do the same for the right (#3and#4) throttle bodies (adjusting the idle back up or down as needed) Be sure to make small adjustment and Blip the throttle after each adjustment you make.
It really is pretty easy!
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