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ok, first, im on a 2009 zx-6r not a 10...but it looks like the adjusters on the top of the forks are roughly the same. so im figuring that adjustments will be fairly similar.

reading the service manual i have some question for someone who knows. (ive never touched my own suspension before...normally have the suspension service at track days do it)

first, for front end rebound dampening and compression dampening the manual says turn the adjuster in (clockwise) until you hear a click. ive turned all the adjusters all the way in and never heard a click. should i?

second, the service manual says to adjust x # of turns out from full clockwise...is that full 360 degree turns from having the adjuster turned in to where it wont turn anymore?

next, front end preload...same thing...turn all the way in counterclockwise and then turn x turns...so is that clicks or turns because the manual says you can set it between one and fifteen turns but it wont rotate 360 degrees fifteen times.

thanks in advance for your help

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They don't actually make ia "click" but you can feel when you are in another notch.

As far as preload. There is no click you just see the lines.

I have about 5 1/2 lines showing. Gives "me" the best feel between turning and straight line stability.

The most important is your weight.

On the gen III the front springs are designed for rider weight of 200lbs+ rear spring is built for 150lbs rider.

I have some race tech springs designed for my weight. I am just waiting on a win fall to pay the labor to have them installed.

Pre-load is very sensitive to adjustments the rebound and compression not
so much.

The more lines you have showing on pre-load the faster the bike will turn. the less lines the slower it will turn. It will be more stable straight line and will do wheelies easier as well. This was my experience.
Hope this helps a little.
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