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suspension setup

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Hey everyone this is my first post so go easy on me.
i have an 08 candy plasma blue 10r and i already know im gonna catch some flak for this but even though im 6'5" 260 i cant get enough of supersport bikes had the busa the zx14 and they just dont do it for me. i need to turn and wheelie its just like a drug to me.

my question is how would i go about setting up my front and rear suspension to accomodate my size and stature. im very strong and athletic so i know how to throw this thing into turns no problem i just want it to be more comfy and not feel like such a task.

any help would be great thanks!
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Find the correct spring rates for your weight for the front shocks and the rear.
Let me see if i can find you the site i used. It had a program where you input your total weight then it gives you the rate you need. Try to go with a flat rate spring if you dont ride people on the back. The progressive springs they come with are inferior in consistency.
It will not matter to be stiffer or softer because you can not set your sag like zx10racer "the champ" says. This means your shock wont have the right amount of travel when you are on the bike.

Congrats again zx10racer.
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