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303 Cycle has arranged a seminar with Lenny Albin of Race Tech and Ohlins

He will be here Saturday June 13th . More then likely it will start around 10:00 AM and end about 5:00 PM

Lenny will be conducting a mini version of the seminar given at Race Tech in Corona, CA with an emphasis on street/track. These classes usually are two days and cost $595 a person. We will be holding this 5-6 hour class at our shop with a cost of $99 a person. Only 30 spaces are available and they will be going fast. Lunch will be provided.

The agenda will be as follows:

1) Chassis Geometry

2) Suspension Theory
a) Springs
b) Damping

1) Compression

2) Rebound
a) Friction forces

3) Bike Set-up
a) Sag & Clickers

Then set-up on customer bikes...

Call to reserve your spot as soon as possible as space is very limited. 720-219-8433. Hopefully a few ZX10R.net members can take advantage of this opportunity :thumbsup:

Below are a couple articles referencing Lenny Albin’s



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man that would be nice to attend a class like that and esp to get them to help with set up on your bike, the only draw back would be not having a track to go ride and test the settings out on LOL.
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