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Suspension: I did something wrong

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Hey everybody,

I've been putting forth more of an effort to educate myself over the past year or so about taking notes suspension..chassis setup.. Reading tires etc etc. I have a good baseline setup (don't have the sag numbers). Now they I'm in AZ with no suspension support I've been only doing minute changes and going by feel. Anyway I took my bike out this past time to Vegas and started messing with it more. I started to get more out of the bike and was pretty happy. I came in after a race trying to get more and started messing with comp / rebound without documenting those changes (SMH I know) and I can't remember what I did. I have Bitubo cartridges front and XXF31 rear. I ended up destroying my new front tire in 18 laps. Bike had trouble especially turning left (mostly slower corners). Rear didn't feel like it was doing anything crazy (all I did was add 2 clicks lsr) I've never had this happen nor had wear like this in the front. What setting and direction do I need to adjust? From googling I think I might have too much weight on the front but I don't know for sure.
FWIW these are bridgestone V02 slicks.


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Tire pressures can cause those issues too. I had some cold tearing make similar marks. 10 laps and the front was done. I would try pressures first then your front could be skipping and grabbing. Chopping through the turns instead of gripping with solid contact. Usually tire pressures are way off, serious geometry issues or rebound and comp are way off. One of those is not remotely close to being correct

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There are a bunch of variables. What springs are you running? Preload, comp, rebound? You said the bike is hard to turn in slow corners, can you explain more? Does it drive wide, cant pull into the corner? DOes it feel better if you get on the brakes or throttle?
I'm fairly certain it wasn't tire pressure. I've been running these for a while and am pretty familiar with them. I did play with it a bit but it didn't help. I went thru the spring rate / oil level ringer last year. I'm running .95 front with oil level at 200 and .90 rear. I'm 175 lbs without gear. I was pretty happy after my adjustments made during practice. Before changes I was at 3.5 clicks of pre-load (of out of 6), 14 clicks compression out of 24 and 18 clicks rebound. I guess I could go back to my old settings but it didn't really work well there. I want to say I added in each category I just don't know how much. I improved braking stability, corner entry and exit before "doing too much" of something and totally screwing up my mid corner speed specifically slower corners. I hoped to get a track day before the next race but doesn't look like that'll happen.
French at Cyclewerks can get it sorted out for you. I use him for my suspension work he's very good and reasonably priced and on your side of town.
I'm in the Phoenix area. I'll check those two guys out. Thanks.
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