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From Dave:
"For those in the Midwest that wanted to attend a Dave Moss Tuning suspension school, here is your chance in September at ACC and thank to Steve Palella for making this happen.
You will pay for the track day through STT as normal. You will pay me via PayPal for the school. Alternatively, email me via [email protected] as a check is fine if you don't have PayPal.
Each session has a specific experience and the first 5 sessions are controlled in speed and adjustments.Session 6 you test your choices made in settings via your experiences in the first 5 sessions.
Rain or shine, the program runs the same. Need more detailed information?
As of 7/10 six spots are sold of a possible 20. Don't procrastinate - you will lose out."

Dave has helped me tune my gen 4 so that I maximize the life of SuperbikePRO slicks while running A group pace. He is a great teacher and one of those rare experts who can help YOU learn the right way to set up your bike.
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