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The Apex helmet from Suomy is the latest in a long line of advanced full-face helmets from the Italian manufacturer. And, just like their other models, it has an unmistakable feel whether you’re holding it in your hands or wearing it on your head. In 2010, helmet manufacturers have continued to up the ante in their R&D efforts with all of the major brands releasing new designs that take advantage of the latest construction techniques. The Apex helmets are no exception to this and, while Suomy motorcycle helmets have always been made to be extremely light, the Apex takes this even further – our X-large sample weighed 3.05lbs! “New and secret” composites are used in the construction of the helmet’s shell to make it especially rigid. The end result is a full face helmet that’s more resistant to the stresses it is exposed to in testing than could otherwise be expected from conventional production materials.

Another departure from Suomy’s standard Alcantara interior liner is the use of Coolmax Active fabric. Coolmax is one of the most efficient fabrics for transporting perspiration away from the user’s head, providing a breathable helmet liner that dries faster than nylon, cotton or almost any other treated fiber on the market. This moisture-wicking liner can also be safely washed to remove residue that may buildup over time. The cheekpads, and skull liner can be completely taken out of the helmet with ease. In fact, the cheekpads use an innovative (and patented) locking mechanism on their front sides which only allows the user to insert them one way and one way only – the correct way. Since a properly-fitted helmet is a critical aspect of impact management, Suomy engineers reasoned that providing a fool-proof cheekpad fixture was one way to increase safety. We found this fixing mechanism permitted quick and easy removal/reinstallation of the cheekpads.

To get air into the helmet, closeable intakes are located on the chinbar and on the forehead. Both of these channels direct air straight to the user. The chin vent cools the entire face and directs a small portion of incoming air along the inside of the faceshield as an anti-fog measure. To cool the skull, two intakes on the forehead move a massive amount air straight through the shell, the EPS liner and directly to the skin. This air is then directed around the head through a series of channels molded into the EPS liner, taking with it sweat and heat to the rear of the helmet. From there, it’s extracted through exhausts at the top and lower sides of the helmet which take advantage of passing air to draw it out to the atmosphere. Three of these exhaust vents are secreted under the spoiler on the top rear portion of the helmet which is designed to reduce wind buffet for a strain-free ride. This combination of intakes, channeling and exhausts add up to a very efficient cooling system that will not go unnoticed on hot days.

Suomy Apex helmets are not yet available on our website. To order yours, talk to our sizing expert TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817. Or, you can send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with SUOMY APEX HELMET in the subject line, along with the size you need and the color you want and we will get back to you fast.

The Suomy Apex in silver/anthracite. A clear anti-fog visor is included as standard.

As always, the graphics are beautiful, even up close.

With the internal comfort liner removed, you can see the channels molded into the EPS foam liner which are dedicated to improving airflow around the user’s skull. Just behind the blue covering at the front of the helmet, where it meets the EPS liner, you can see the two large intakes which direct air straight to the forehead.

The helmet was designed with the aid of a wind tunnel to eliminate buffeting and promote excellent ventilation properties.

Here you can see the liners removed. Notice also, the “levers” in the eyeport. These help the user easily secure the cheekpads properly within the helmet.

Suomy Apex full face helmets come in many colors like this one in solid silver.

Don’t forget to ask for a smoked visor when ordering! Matte black Apex helmet shown.

Cool Silver paint scheme.

Cool Red paint scheme.

The Suomy Apex Tornado.

The Flowers helmet design is a Suomy classic, featured on at least one of their helmets over the last few years.

Michel Fabrizio has also worn an Apex helmet and has his own replica model.
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