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Hi guys, new to the forum!
I have a 2009 Zx10 with 9500 miles
The previous owner left the bike in storage for several years with some fuel in the tank so when I bought it the inside of the tank was completely rusted up and I for obvious reasons assumed it was all in the fuel system. I recently replaced the fuel tank with a great condition used tank, replaced the fuel pump with a low mileage oem pump, was going to just replace all 8 injectors but the guy I bought the parts from sent me an entire throttle body assembly complete with injectors and lines + the 4 secondaries. All of this has been installed along with a new air filter and 4 new spark plugs but low and behold the exact same problem is still present. I have double and triple checked the common problem of having a pinched fuel line as well as jumping the kickstand switch and neither seem to be the culprit.
To explain the problem with a little more detail, The bike seems to run great under 8kish rpm, under load, WOT, cruising etc. but right around that rpm when under load it starts to stutter and cut out really hard, under WOT at that rpm it almost completely dies on itself. I can play with the throttle around those rpm and get it to rise to around 10k or so but not much more. It’s got me stumped, any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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