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Stufko Racing

For more information on sponsorship please visit www.stufkoracing.com or contact Tony Stufko via phone at 613-863-1266 or [email protected]

For Immediate Release:
Last Lap Crash at St. Eustache
Friday July 13th, 2012

The 2nd Round of the Mopar CSBK National Pro Superbike took place on Jul 8th, 2012. The Stufko Racing Team was set to get back at it after a good ride at Rd 1. Tony would have his work cut out for him as he had never been to this track, a short, course, with many different challenges within it.

The team attended a promoter’s practice on Thursday and although getting up to speed, found suspension, and bike setup were still an issue. Tony struggled through the present setup and ran 50 sec flats on his first day. Friday morning was lost due to unclear CSBK rules regarding bike entry during sessions causing Tony to not be able to enter the track. Friday afternoon Tony continued to improve getting into the 49sec mark but still unhappy with handling.

Saturday morning, in usual style, Tony pushed as hard as he could with a new setup, suggested by Jon Cornwell. Tony went a respectable 48:5sec and was ready for afternoon qualifying. Although working hard and fighting off heat exhaustion Tony failed to get into the final qualifying knockout, and had gone slightly backwards with a 48:7sec. The team re-grouped and once again in collaboration with Jon Cornwell, the team would try a new setup with the front end for race day. If your keeping track this is the 4th major change in 2 rounds, not ideal in the least, but when Valentino Rossi’s ex suspension tuner suggests something…you do it!

Sunday morning came and the team was tired after two hard working nights on the bike. Tony was getting nervous, but after a great morning practice and going the fastest he had gone at 48:4sec, Tony was ready to race. Tony had a mediocre start from 16th, but managed to be on the tail of the 2nd group. Tony raced hard and for once saw himself with the veterans Boucher, Dery, and Dominguez within grasp, and had the veterans Raffa and Leon behind him. As the race played out, Tony lost the middle pack as he was about :500 off their pace, but was holding off the riders behind him with a 1.6 sec gap. Tony road hard in the 22 lap feature, and had set a personal best of 47:9 sec and was beating last year’s teammate Michael Leon, only to have it end in tears in the last lap as a lead rider forced Tony off the race line, combined with an overzealous throttle hand, Tony high-sided and due to damage was unable to finish the race. Unfortunately Tony’s hard work would result in a DNF and no points scored.

The team would like to thank Jon Cornwell for his help with setup, giving confidence going into Rd 3 in Nova Scotia, Kyle Blakely of Windmill Motorpsorts, Dan Coady, to all our followers, friends, and sponsors. See you at Schubie!

Stufko Racing is sponsored in 2012 by: Rockland Wheels, Kawasaki Canada, KS on the Keys, Acceptable Storage, Valley Sales and Equipment, GB Racing, EBC Brakes, Hindle Exhaust, Windmill Motorsports, Vortex Racing, Hotbodies Racing, Sunstar-MC, MBP

End Release
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