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Studdering/ Bogging

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What's up everyone! Harobikes167 here, had to make a new account. So I was leaving my neighborhood and my bike is studdering real bad until like 5k rpm, then it stops studdering and goes a little bit, but definitely not at full power. It sounds like a shitty 250 or something at all times and idles pretty rough. It was running perfectly fine when I put it away last. Any ideas?
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try new gas
There is a thread on getting your old account back http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/f36/attention-password-security-update-319777.html
I would post on there and mods will help you retrieve your old account.

Did you store your bike away for awhile? For winter?

More then likely the gas is the culprit, drain then re-fill with good gas and try again!
No it was not stored very long, only about a week since I last rode it. I'm thinking it isn't the gas because I didn't gas up just before the problem, I had used about half tank the week before and it was fine. Thanks for the account deal, I'll see what i can do.
Have you done anything to it other then store it? Have a power commander installed? What mods? Need a bit more information about the bike in order to try to help you move forward bud!
Yeah sorry, keep forgetting all my info isn't in my signature lol. Completely bolted on. PC5, full yoshi exhaust, block off plates, new battery about a month ago, etc. A guy I work with is a high performance auto tech and he said it's probably ignition related, plugs or coils. So I'm gonna pull them soon and see how that goes. I'm pretty sure not all cylinders are detonating and it doesn't seem to be a lack of fuel, ie pump, map, injectors etc because it keeps running and doesn't try to die off.
I would double check the connections for the PC5 and and also try uninstalling it and see if that resolves the issue. They have been known to go bad at times, I agree it does sound ignition related as well. Then I would check your plugs and coils. Sometimes when you put a battery in you may have kocked some connections loose for the PC5, check it out and let us know how it goes.
Sorry for the delay! I changed the plugs and she's alive again. The old plugs were super black burned. What baffled me though was that the tops of the plugs on the ceramic part were dirty, from the #1 and #4 cylinders. Also there was a bunch of crud on top of the block off plates. Is this normal?
My guess fuel screen in the tank is clogged .
if you drain the tank and disassemble the pump once it's removed it you can clean it with brake clean or buy one off ebay
crud on the block off plates happens, thing about where the water goes after it comes off the front wheel. Dirt builds up in that area, water passes through the radiator.

Ignition related was my guess as well. I would check the coils while you're at it.. doing a resistance check will tell you if they are firing properly. If they are not, that could explain why your plugs fouled out so bad. Coils to go bad once in a while, I check mine whenever I take the plugs out just to make sure.

attached is from the manual for my 08


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