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STM is famous for their aftermarket slipper clutch kits, but they also make other trick parts that are just as functional as they are beautiful, like these brake fluid reservoir tanks. STM fluid reservoirs are precision machined from 6082 billet aluminum then anodized in your choice of black, red or gold for a durable, long-lasting finish. Each reservoir has a 40mL fluid capacity and includes the appropriate seals to keep moisture and dirt, which would otherwise degrade performance, out of the fluid. A sight glass is positioned to allow careful monitoring of fluid levels and an integral mounting bracket provides a solid point from which to fix it to your motorcycle.

STM fluid reservoirs are not yet available on our website. Call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 for more information. You may also contact us via email – send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with STM FLUID RESERVOIR in the subject line and please be sure to specify the color you’d like and we’ll get back to you promptly.

STM billet brake fluid reservoirs come in red, gold or black.

To provide consistent stopping power, fluid must always be accessible to the brake master cylinder. STM brake reservoirs do this by positioning the fluid outlet at the bottom center of the tank.

Like OEM reservoirs, STM has an expanding diaphragm within the reservoir assembly. Notice also that the cap is machined to allow air to the top side of the diaphragm to permit normal operation.

These STM tanks may also be used as a clutch reservoir on motorcycles with hydraulic clutches.
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