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Hey sponsors....lookin' to see what kind of deal you can get me for the following items:

2006 Honda CBR1000, EBC Sintered Double-H Pads - Front x2
2006 Kawasaki ZX10, EBC Sintered Double-H Pads - Rear x1

DID VM X-Ring chain, looking for a stock sized rear sprocket and may wait on a front until after a custom map.

Champs Chain Adjusters...I can get that off his website unless he PM's me.

Competition Werkes GP Exhaust for 2006-2007 Kawasaki ZX10. I found some pretty good deals but I'd love to see what the sponsors can get me.

Michelin Pilot Power Rear, 190/50-ZR17...

and finally, ATRE GIPRO-K02 ZX-10R (2006-2008) and a Speedo healer. I think pashnit is one of a few dealers so not sure what the sponsors can do.

Thanks in advance...
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