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no i can't find my owner's manual

battery's dead gotta charge it

k ty.

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Take the passenger seat off.
Take the middle plastic off between rider and passenger seat (4mm allen).
Take the rider seat off (10mm).
You can also take the triangle fairings too if you want to make up space.

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Im mad cuz i wrote all this shit up thinking you had a 08 zx10R...
I kept wondering why the replyer said remove the center piece....then i started to remember how i had to remove it on my 04... I then said.. he said 08 right???

took a look around then saw in the signature he had a 05.
Now i feel like I wasted my time....

this is what i wrote... :(


to take off the front seat you dont have to touch the passenger seat or center plastic at all...

only 4 bolts...
look at the plastic piece on the side of the gas tank.. un do that bolt (just 1 on each side), it have velcro in the middle and the tail end pushed into rubber.

once thats off you can see the bolt that holds the front seat down (just 1 on each side)..
BAM!!! front seat off and battery right their....

This is a zx6, but the idea is to start on that bolt...once the pannel is removed the seat bolts are accessable...

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