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so i have decided i am gonna sell my bike. i have just kinda lost interest in it lately. by no means am i hurting for money nor do i have to sell it. dont know what i am gonna do next but i am sure i will build something.

i think its more the fact that i need something new to build.

there is some stuff that i am sure i am forgetting but its well worth the price i am asking.

the bike has been 5.37 in the 1/8th mile with me on it and i am 220lbs in leathers.

yes you can build a bike that is as fast for less but it damn sure wont get the attention this one does. the pics dont even begin to do the airbrush work and paint justice.

the bike is also going to be in an issue off ssb magazine in the coming months

asking 13,000 or 11,000 with out the marchesini wheels


the bike made 180whp on motor and 225 on spray on a stingy dyno

Mods include,


Port/Polished Head
Titanium Retainers and springs
modified and milled throttle bodies
Kawasaki Race Cams
Angle cut valve job
Shaved Head
Removed butterflies and secondaries
DME Billet Oil Pan
Low 1st Gear Mod
welded the rivets on the basket
welded the inner basket to eliminate the slipper
has a modified drilled inner hub for more oil flow
milled release pin
up the oil pressure a bit
factory pro shift kit
drag pack clutch with heavy springs
pingle air shifter
pingle killbox
rifleman 1/5 trottle mod
brocks sidewinder exhaust
Dynojet PCIII with hub
ZX-14 Front Brakes
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
16/44 gearing
EK ZZZ chain
marchisini forged magnesium wheels

evil chromoly swingarm 16-20 over

40 shot of nitrous
cometic nc-2 controller
gixx1300 spraybar
dynojet hub
wegoIII wideband datalogger

here are a couple pics and i have a ton more


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So you are saying you will part it out?

Sorry had to :mrgreen: really just wanted to give ya a free bump for a sick bike.

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i dont know what i will do next. i kinda want to start buying and fixing up bikes to make money so that may be next. of course thats if this bike ever sells. gonna be hard to find someone with enough money :(

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I have enough money..................for the airshifter setup....

Wish I had that kind of cash, that bike is so sick! Gonna keep it in the fam? And by that I mean the kawi fan...

Glws Barry!
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