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So I'm already flashed...What now?

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Hey all,

So as some of you will know fron the other thread, I bought a gen 4 last week.

I was unsure if it had been flashed as it's got a decat and end can plus other mods, and someone mentioned that I should try changing TC settings on the move.

Well, lo and behold, I can change them on the move, so I guess the ECU has been flashed.

Trouble is, the bike is running rich and I had already booked the bike in to have ECU flashed, and the fuelling tuned.

So I wanted to ask, does the ECU need to be reflashed depending on which software was used to flash it, in order to adjust fuelling (I don't want any piggyback modules)?

Is there any way to check which software was used?

Also, I want to fit the Translogic quickshifter off my GSXR 1000, which I have been told is possible (just need a wire swap).

Anyone know what I need to do?

I would obviously like to avoid paying for the fixed price flash if I can.

Cheers :eek:ccasion1
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Mods please delete. I posted without the prefix.

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