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So, I may get bashed for saying that...

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I rode a friends 03 636 today and its a TON more fun to ride than any 10R I've ever been on. I've rode an 04 plenty and of course my 08, but neither even compares to the fun factor of that bike.

We were at the local 1/8th mile dragstrip - I made 2 passes on it. Its ALOT more fun to drag race with as well. Something about going wide open without doing warp speed and always shifting is alot of fun

All I know it has is a slipon and a 520 conversion with +2 rear.

With the 10R you do double the speed limit in first gear...so the other 5 gears are only to piss the cops off as my buddy likes to say. :smile:

I guess its like the old saying goes....its more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow... :thumbsup:
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not for drag racing...it's longer with different gearing. :wink:
:+1: and the 1st gen has the best power to weight ratio of any liter bike ever :wink:
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