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So, I may get bashed for saying that...

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I rode a friends 03 636 today and its a TON more fun to ride than any 10R I've ever been on. I've rode an 04 plenty and of course my 08, but neither even compares to the fun factor of that bike.

We were at the local 1/8th mile dragstrip - I made 2 passes on it. Its ALOT more fun to drag race with as well. Something about going wide open without doing warp speed and always shifting is alot of fun

All I know it has is a slipon and a 520 conversion with +2 rear.

With the 10R you do double the speed limit in first gear...so the other 5 gears are only to piss the cops off as my buddy likes to say. :smile:

I guess its like the old saying goes....its more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow... :thumbsup:
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Hmmm, I 've had a 2 CBR600s, 2 ZX7Rs and a Duc 748, and while the smaller cc bikes are really really good on a super tight road or track and inspire confidence while going into a corner, the 10r gives me a face peeling smile when coming out of one :mrgreen:
i like my 600. i dont plan on getting a 10
Have you been on one yet though? I woud've said the same thing until I rode one. I've always been a fan of 600s and 750s. 2 CBR600s and 2 ZX7Rs and then I went up a little. I bought 98 TL1000R that I loved and had all the suspension goodies and it was awesome for me in the curves except for wheelspin. So I eventually sold it and dropped back down to Ducati 748. Down on power but man would it stick in the twisties. I jumped on a 09 R1 and a 08 10r recently. Both made my face light up! I wanted the 10r to begin with but then loved the sound of the R1....anyway, I bought the 10r and even though it's a lot of bike, I'm learning to adjust my riding style to late braking, easy on throttle mid curve and blasting out...man what a feeling! I'm loving the 10r. :thumbsup:
you guys want me to get a 10 huh? well, i haven't ridden one, but i do know that i like my 6 a lot. maybe if i get the chance to ride a 10 i'll change my mind, but it's like a virgin and sex, they don't know what they are missing, so they probably don't care, ha. besides, right now is not the best time for me to be considering a new bike, as i can barely afford the one i have, but i'm too stubborn to give it up and just keep having a bit of a tight budget.
Oh no, not trying to get you go out and buy a 10r but if you have a trusting friend with one then by all means take a ride! The 600s are very capable and awesome bikes for sure and that's great that you love yours that much but it's also kinda like you were talking about with virgin sex....once you're not a virgin anymore you just want more :wink:

I dont know about some of you guys.:headshake
To me, There is nothing more fun than the power of a ZX10R...NOTHING.
600's? yea they are playful and all because they are light....but they dont have the "HOLY SHIT" factor!! THAT is what I call fun.
Sometimes I giggle in my helmet like a little school girl after pulling out a nice turn and hitting the gas HARD on the exit. Front wheel slightly coming up just from the raw power, engine screaming, your stomach hitting your back bone...AWESOME.
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