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So I Made a "Speedo Healer" for Gen 4, Gen 5

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I just had this part made for me! :grin2:

I've measured a speedo error of about 4% on my Avons with 4000 miles on them. This sensor wheel should lower speedo readings by exactly 4%.

My goal is to be accurate at any speed +/-1mph up to 100mph. I'll report back with test results.

I don't have ABS and my traction control is always off, but i don't anticipate any hiccups. I guess I'll find out!


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It is to replace the rear wheel sensor. Tire circumference changes between brands/models as well as over the life of any given tire. Even turning uses a part of the tire that has a smaller radius. The CPU does not need the wheels to turn at exactly the same speed to do traction control. It think it's based more on sudden changes in actual rear wheel speed that is not paralleled on the front, for example.

So I currently have a speedo error of 0.092% !!

This was obtained by setting my speedo to KPH (a finer scale than MPH) and using a GPS app that logs peak speed to the first decimal. Three runs averaged.

Of course, this is coincidental, since, at the current state of tire wear, the uncorrected error fell right at about 4%, the exact correction factor of the new sensor.
This error will change as the tire continues to wear and again as it get's replaced. But I'm confident I can trust my speedometer now!

I have a second prototype, and I'll be seeking a volunteer to test it? Maybe someone who rides more aggressively than I do and can see if it affects ABS or TC?
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It has 48 holes down 2 from the stock parts 50. As far as measurements go they were taken at a steady speed maintained for about 3 seconds. Results were very reputable. I know the number sounds made up but that really is the result I got!
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Results were very reputable.
Repeatable! Dammit talk to text!
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