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A helmet for the everyday rider, the GT-Air II is one of the most versatile full-face helmets available today. Based on what used to be one of the most versatile touring helmets, the original GT-Air, Shoei studied ways to enhance that design for maximum comfort and additional functionality.

The goals, simple as they were, are not easy to achieve when you’ve already got a stellar helmet design. The biggest improvement available is for those that don’t like to travel incommunicado – the GT-Air II is ready for near seamless integration of SENA’s SRL2 communication system. You’ll find ready-made channels for plugging in the device as well as all the related components; headphones and microphone boom. With the SRL2 components properly fitted, there won’t be any wires flopping about or odd pieces of plastic/rubber pushing on your skull. And you don’t need to add this kit right away to get the most out of the helmet …

Wind noise and buffeting were addressed in the new helmet’s design, too. Hours of wind tunnel work created a shell shape that’s compact, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. When examining the helmet, you’ll notice strakes and small ridges molded into its shell. These shapes direct air around the helmet in as linear of a manner possible, even the actuator for the internal sun shield (more on that later), has appointments fitted fore and aft, that prevent whistling or other strange sounds from annoying your left ear.

Which leads us to ventilation performance; there are three intakes and five exhausts vents built in to this helmet. Again, wind tunnel testing played a major role here because, if they were shaped in an ideal manner only to avoid creating wind noise, they’re be almost impossible to operate with a gloved hand. Shoei made sure the intake could be easily operable and also, deliver tons of cooling air to your skull. On cool nights, you can easily seal up the helmet, and add the included chin skirt to avoid a freezing face but by warm day, open it all up for a comfortable blast of wind.

Shoei’s refined 3D Max-Dry internal liner, which is fully-removable, works with these vents to keep you comfortable in all climates. Multiple layers of material are used, particularly on the cheek and skull portions to keep the helmet perfectly in place, for safety – but also, to pull moisture away from your skin. Comfort is not an issue here!

Then there’s the matter of having to carry a spare visor with you on long-distance trips. This age-old problem has been handily solved with via the QSV-2 sun shield system. At the flick of you clutch-side finger (gloved or not), you can deploy the smoked lens to eliminate squinting and have a clear view of the road ahead on sunny days. This ANSI Z80.3-2010-spec shield is carefully integrated into the helmet’s multi-layer EPS liner so as not to compromise impact protection for the sake of convenience.

Now, we understand you may want to have a smoked outer face shield, too and that’s not a problem since swapping that out takes, literally, two seconds using the CNS-1 baseplate system. Not only do these baseplates allow for quick, tool-less shield swaps, but also – ensure a windproof and waterproof seal of the visor. And when you lift that visor to let in more air while at speed, it won’t violently flip all the way open thus avoiding that kind of distraction.

Every GT-Air II helmet ships with a removable lower chin curtain, Pinlock Evo visor cover, breath guard and helmet bag. All workmanship is backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

These helmets are not yet available on our website.

Clearly, this helmet was designed with the practical rider in mind. Check it out for yourself and then let us know what size you need! To get yours, along with expert sizing guidance and lightning-fast shipping, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext. 817, send a note to [email protected], or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.


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