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I've been running my 04 ZX10r with Ohlin R&T forks, an Ohlin shock and hordes of other stuff with Bridgestone BT003's (190/55 rear) for the track. Recently, I was advised by a local suspension tuner at the track to increase the shock length and front rider sag settings.

Rider sage was 36mm front, 28mm rear and the shock remained at the OEM length. In 04/05, Advanced Kawasaki suggested lowering the rear, however, I'm told with today's tires, to increase ride height slightly in the rear via shock length versus reducing rider sag. Today, rider sag on the forks is 41mm and the rear shock was lengthened by 1.5mm.

The bike was well setup prior to the changes, but I was looking for my front end feel in turn 2 at Willow Springs Raceway (fast right-hand sweeper). With the new settings the bike turned in easier, but felt unbalanced with to much bias towards the front and I suggested to the turner I increase the damping on the forks. He said no.

Anyone has data on what is working for them on fast tracks suspension wise? Bruce
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