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Shipping Bike

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Hey guys,
I am trying to seal the deal on a bike from a guy in Rhode Island and I have been quoted from a few companies for door to door service at 1000 dollars!

I have found a site AA Motorcycle and uShip through google search.However, if anyone knows of a company that can give me a better deal, I would really appreciate it.
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I used uship when I bought my track bike. Fantastic experience with them. If I remember correctly they allow you to set the two locations and post a price. Then the shippers themselves can accept the posted price.
The best option out there is Forward Air and we used Haul Bikes for one of the Triumphs we sold and they did a nice job and were more reasonably priced but took a bit longer. Depends on what you are after but both are good options we have personally used. Hope that helps!
Thanks for your info.

Flying to RI and ride it back to TX is not going to work due to timing.

I need to use shipper who will bring the bike in one piece even if costs little bit ...
www.motoshoppers.com is my #1 recommendation and Freight Shipping & Instant Online Rates | LTL, Truckload terminal to terminal is usually very cheap for #2
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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