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I have an 05 Ti 10R. I have some minor scuffs on the right side of the upper fairing on the tip where it bulges out from a low side slider a while back. Minor, but it looks like hell. Paint pens and touch-up brushes always make whatever they're used on look, well, like it's been reparied. Great thing about the Ti is that it doesn't require a clear coat. Colorite offers the Ti paint in an aerosol can for $37.95 on their website (don't know if we cn get it cheaper seeing how they're a site sponsor). That's not bad, but I only need a fraction of what comes in a can...just a couple of passes.

That being said, I know there's got to be someone out there that needs to touch up some scuffs on their Ti10eum too. I was wondering if anyone wanted to split the cost of a can. I'll be more than happy to pay half even though I only need about 1/10 of the can.

And yes, I'm trustworthy, honest and all that jazz.

Lemme know.
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