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I found a quote on this forum.


Originally Posted by StarGate View Post
I get it at NAPA. I wouldn't put it in the oil unless you are going to change oil very soon. If it does what it's supposed to and cleans thing up in there then you want to drain that crap out with the old oil. The other reason is the wet clutch might not agree with Seafoam on a long term basis.
This is correct. Adding SeaFaom to the oil (one ounce per quart) is for cleaning the clutch plates before changing the oil. After you add it go ride the bike a minimum of 50 miles up to 100 miles to let it do it's cleaning. Upon returning home after the ride change the oil and filter.

My 1500 at 30,000 miles and original clutch was slipping slightly so I contacted the folks at SeaFoam and asked about adding it to the oil. What I posted above is what they told me to do. After I did that and changed the oil and filter the clutch did not slip any more. I am easy on my clutch while riding so figured there was still enough clutch material left to work once it was cleaned up using SeaFoam and it worked very well after the cleaning.
I want to use this. I have 30k miles on my bike, 7k of those I have put on, and I haven't done anything like this, and I doubt the previous owner did. So, what do you guys think? Is the above guy full of shit?
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