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You have to take your time when putting your bike on and off the stands whether it be front or rear. Alot can go wrong. I never scratch mine. The only time I scratched my swingarm is when I had a flat tire and I tried to put the bike on the rear stand. For some reason I couldn't get the bike on the rear stand with the rear tire being flat? :dontknow: It's already kinda hard with the tire being inflated, but with it flat aaww man forget about it! It was like I needed super human strength to get it on there. So yea after all that straining the rear stand unhooked itself from the spools an guaged the swingarm as I was pressing down hard to get the bike up. I was pissed!!!! And then another time I had my bike sitting on the stand and my dad bumped the stand by accident not payin attention and knocked the left side off the spool. So when I go look at it I'm like damn somethin looks weird? Why is the bike leanin slightly to the left while it's on the stand? I look down an see the hook that supposed to be hooked on the spool just resting into the side of the swingarm! I was pissed!!! B/c who know's how long it was sitting like that? But yea both times I took the bike to this guy who has his own paint shop and he hooked it up and made it look like nothin ever happened! Matched the paint up beautifully!:thumbsup:
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