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Finally... I installed Scorpio 900 series on my 2006, ZX10R today.

1. My front turn signals are not working.... as far as I believe, they were working fine before I started this installation. Is there a separate fuse for the front indicators? Any easy way to diagnose this problem?

2. The hi jack mode is not working. I know I have inserted it in the right wire (the ignition wire behind the fuse), as if I disconnect that wire, the motorcycle does not start. If I go to the motorcycle without the remote, it chirps, but I can still start it. I also tried pressing both buttons while the bike is start, hoping it will shut down in a bit, but it didnt. Any idea?

3. The tilt/ shock sensor is not sensitive at all. If I tilt it a little bit, it does not do anything. However, it does work if I really shake the motorcycle (can it be because I installed the MCM vertical?)

4. The parameter sensor is not really sensitive uniformly. Sometimes, it picks me up even when I am at a distance, however; if I approach it from the front, even if I touch the bike it does not sound.

Please let me know if any of you had experience with it.
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