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this is a repost of a thread in the texas vtx forum, makes me upset and sad if it is true

This from a member of the VTX forum in a thread about organizing some kind of
fund raiser for hurricane relief;
Let me chime in here, because this has become a situation that has broken my
heart over the past few days. I live 30 miles south of Houston, and work 3
blocks from the Astrodome.

When this all began to unravel, I kept thinking, "I wish I could help" I don't
have much as far as money, and these people were over 300 miles away.

I woke up the other day to here that they were bringing 25,000 people to the
dome, and I realized, this is my chance to help. This is my chance to give what
I can. I called a few Texas X riders to present my idea, and then began making
phone calls. I wanted to get a group of riders together, to go to the dome to
volunteer in any way possible. Serve food, hand out clothing, whatever. I called
FEMA, the Red Cross, the mayor's office... the list goes on. Everywhere I got
refered to another agency, or was told that all volunteers must be trained by
the Red Cross.

After hours on the phone getting nowhere, I decided to go to the dome on lunch
break and try to talk to someone. It was there that I met the FEMA
representative in charge at the dome. He seemed very interested in the idea, but
because I was on lunch break, I had to cut our meeting short. He told me to come
back after work to discuss it in more detail. Finally I was getting somewhere.

After work I headed to the dome. Along the 3 block drive I saw families parked
on both sides of the street sleeping in the back of pickup trucks, and in cars.
These people had driven from LA with hopes of shelter, to find that the dome
would only be available to the 25,000 coming from the Superdome. They had spent
everything they had to get here, and now had nowhere to go.

As I made my way to the entrance of the dome, I was stopped by security, and
told "nobody is being allowed in. Now I was back to square one.

Next came the idea of volunteering with local shelters. I got the number of a
few local shelters, and began searching for a way to help. "The Red Cross is
shutting us down", is what I was told with every call. How could this be? There
are people on the streets.

The Red Cross is shutting down all shelters that are not under their control.
One man brought 2000 hot dogs fully prepared and ready to eat. They turned him
away at the dome. As he left he saw the people on the sides of the streets and
decided to bring them this food. He was immediately told by the police that if
he gave out one hotdog, he would be arrested and fined. They sent him away
saying that only food being prepared by the Red Cross would be allowed to be
handed out. But the Red Cross isn't trying to feed the people outside of the
dome. I understand the worries of contaminated food, but these people were
starving. Sometimes you have to take a risk.

Today we found our way to help, by volunteering with a food drive for refugees
staying in Montgomery county, about 40 miles north of Houston.
I notified everyone on the Texas board, and the idea was brought up that we
could direct these people near the dome, to shelters outside Houston, where the
Red Cross didn't have it's hands in everything. What a great idea, and I'm three
blocks away. I got a list of shelters, and printed a buttload of copies. As I
left work, I would take the information to these people, so that they would have
somewhere to stay tonight, and something to eat. Once again I made my way down
the street, and once again, I could not believe what I was seeing. After
reaching a capacity of 7000 people inside the dome, the fire marshal had said
"No more". They were now unloading these people onto the streets of Houston at
midnight with nothing. No shelter, or transportation.

The people of Houston want to help, but every effort is being thwarted by the
Red Cross. I can't believe what I'm seeing. The only good thing I have seen,
that the Red Cross has not stepped in to stop, Is that people are driving from
their homes to downtown, stopping, and picking up families to take home. As they
stop you here, "I can take two adults and two children", or "I have room for
three". But we are talking about upwards of 2000 people that I have seen
stranded in the streets with nothing.

I am very proud of this town, and the compassion it has for our neighbors who
are so desperately in need. But short of bringing these folks into our own
homes, our hands are being tied by the beaurocracy of the Red Cross.

Do I think we are acting fast enough for the victims? Hell no!!!!!!! There are
families who could be fed and housed this evening in a church shelter, but they
are left to starve in the streets because the Red Cross does not have control of
these shelters. By the time the Red Cross gets control, many of these folks may
be dead from starvation, or diseased from not being able to bathe after being in
one of the most deplorable conditions one could imagine.

I am disgusted with how this is being handled. I am a strong person, but the
sight of a 3 year old sleeping in an uncovered pickup bed in a bad part of town
brings tears to my eyes. Today, I am ashamed of my country.

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wow...thats really lame...however...

I do know that people from other cities like austin, are sending help...hope their not turned away as well...

Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get all the aid there that is comming!

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How do you tell a hungry person this man can't give you any food.........I don't care what kind of law your trying to uphold, God is watching. That's the saddest thing I have read, No compassion.........

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Id be more than happy to be arrested for feeding a starving person...thats just rediculous!

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And just exactly how is the Red Cross a government organization? Why only the Red Cross - and all others to be arrested? I think a call to a newspaper would be in order.

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I called the red cross and told them I would take off of work next week and help anyway I can. They just took my # and said they would call that was wed. I know I might not be much help but I could drive trucks down and help unload them or somthing.

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the red cross is a joke. they are crooks......how are executives getting paid 6 figures at a non profit organization and flying 1st class on planes. F the red cross they are scammers

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I saw a report about red cross.they only give 25 cents out of dollar to the people in need. Salvation army is a differant story. 75 cents out of a dollar goes to the people. That was awhile ago.

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You guys gotta remember how many phsycos, sickos, and Leeches on society there are out there... The RED CROSS is trying to protect these people from them. Sometimes it desn't work out so well but they are trying. The RED CROSS has done for for people around the world than you can imagine.

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Saaad story! I would like 2 give some money or some food supplies to the hurricane victims. But i just don't feeel comfortable giving money. Itz like who knowz if it will ever get to the people you're actually tryin 2 help? I just don't trust it! I'd rather give food or water than money...

Who else can u send donations to besides red cross? Salvation army? :dontknow:
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