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I went to the Santa Pod drag strip today for a RWYB day - wohooo!

I thought I'd check out what was happening there today, and saw this:


So anyway, got there at about 1pm, traffic was a nightmare for the 90 miles or so getting there (plus a bit to figure out where the hell it is), but I did manage to get 3 runs in.

You pay your money and then go queue up and do as many runs as you
want. There were maybe 100 bikes there in the line.

1st Go (Ever!)

This was against a Hayabusa with stretched swingarm and some engine work I believe. Pure drag bike, the guy said he sold his road bike to buy it, heh. I did a pretty crappy run here:

Im in the right lane -

08/21/2004 14:20:47

+ .284 ---- Reaction ---- + .553
1.930 ----- 60 ft ----- 2.159
4.862 ----- 330 ft ----- 5.556
7.145 ----- 1/8 ER ----- 8.172
106.70-----1/8 MPH ----- 96.61
9.1000 --- 1000' ET ----- 10.320
10.952 ---- 1/4 ET ----- 12.263
123.63 ---- MPH ----- 117.21

1st Finish 1.5807

And my second run, VS a Bandit 1200 - I screwed up on the shifting here - managed to haul him in at the end and JUST beat him, lol.

Third run - I enjoyed this one, it said 140 on the clock when I hit the line - so gives you an idea of how much it is out. Not sure what was in the other lane, something with a turbo and a long swingarm - but it was about 10+ years old! Nice :D

Long, fun day in all.

Had a blast - 1st time I have ever taken a bike to a drag strip, and I will do it again!

My bike is still 100% stock, I'm sure with a bit of work and a some practice (skill is a huge factor here [smilie=b: ) I could get into the 10s!

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You'll definitely be in the 10's with a little practice. One of the guys around here is stock motored, lowered and strapped and cracked into the 9's last week in Sacramento.
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