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Last Sunday I did my second kart endurance race. It was a six hour race and I was fortunate enough to be able to be on track with former Formula 1 legend Rubens Barrichello. Rubens still holds several records in F1 and is a super nice and down to earth guy.


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Here's what happened for lunch today because of this thread:

Suck it CloudNerd!

Sorry Mike.
That looks fucking delicious!

Or10r, the next time you see Rubens at the track, you should ask him if he likes reubens.

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Sorry, had to chime in here as this is a discussion about reubens - my favorite sandwich of all time. Used to hate em on rye but will tolerate it nowadays because, well, its the best damn sandwich ever invented. Goes with damn near any beer as well.

If you hate the rye though, try a nice pumpernickel. Thats how i usually have it. Best and only way to have a reuben IMO. Hate those damn little seeds in the rye, nasty!

Have a similar friends list thing too.
Dont like
- Dogs
-Reuben sammiches
- Grilled Cheese n Ketchup

the list goes on but ...
We probly wont be allgood lol.

Now, where's that beer thread....
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