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Hey guys, just see how many of my Kawboys ...no no no not Broke Back Mountain type of cowboys, but Kawasaki boys are going to VIR? lol

March 11th and 12th Virginia International Raceway?

Im leaving thursday from DC, and doing a Team Promotion Trackday Friday the 10th, then Saturday I'm racing WERA's Middle wieght solos 600cc (endurence race) and Heavy wieght solo 1000cc

Sunday: whoa! I'll be racing in:

C superstock 600cc (the meatgrinder)
A Superstock 1000cc
A Superbike 1000cc
Formula 1 (run what you brung)

Im runing my 2005 Mos Wanted Racing Kawasaki 636...Green and Black. I will have a bunch of team mates out racing and doing Trackdays....we are all over VIR this weekend with different itenirares (sp).

See you there.....

ps: can't wait to get a 2006 salvage 10 to track out......
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