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So here it is. In 1980 PAC-MAN was born in japan and lived A very out of control life,It was said that Drugs and Alcohol were PAC-MAN's main problem but it never got in the way of his big dream.

The dream PAC-MAN had always had was to eat A entire Screen of ..............'s, A task thought impossible but Even with the 4 ghost's Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde trying to ruin his attempt at his dream, PAC-MAN never gave up!

It was said that he even traveled to all corners of the screen to find power pellets to chase away Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde..After years of drugs, Alcohol, and many time's in Rehab he finally completed his goal and ate the Entire screen of .............'s, He instantly became A star and was welcomed in to the life of wealth.

But soon enough his drug problem cought up to him and he lost all of his wealth, His house and his stardom, It looked like it was the end for PAC-MAN....Then 2 years later in 1982 PAC-MAN meet someone very special and Asked for her hand in marriage..They both had little money and decided all they needed was each other.

They were wrong! A few months later MS.PAC-MAN got tested by the doctor and found out she had cought AIDs from PAC-MAN, When PAC-MAN found out he told MS.PAC-MAN about his previous life style with drugs, Alcohol and many many prostitutes. He then said to MS.PAC-MAN that he was going to make everything better and fix all the bad he had done in the past, Although MS.PAC-MAN knew this could not be fixed she went along with it later to find out that MR.PAC-MAN was going to attempt the truly impossible task of eating twice as many ...........'s As his previous record.

The Doctors told him it was to dangerous of A task, But he didn't listen..On the day of his attempt He ate and ate and ate until he couldn't eat any longer....At 11:59pm on December 24th the day before Christmas, MR.PAC-MAN passed away from what was thought to be A heart attack from eating to many .............'s. But later it was discovered that Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde had poisoned some of the ............'s. They were later found guilty of the crime and shot by firing squad. It's A very tragic story but I think we can all remember him as the kind' Loving ......... eater we knew.

IN OTHER NEWS: 2 days after MR.PAC-MAN passed away, MS.PAC-MAN received millions from his life insurance policy but then died later that week from having AIDS.)

There body's are now on display at the World science Museum in japan.
Thank you, Nate Hollander (News Japan)


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