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This is a myspace blog that I wrote after I put some stunt riding pictures on there. Everyone has always told me I am crazy for riding a bike but this time everyone got really serious, just want to know what you guys think? Ive also been riding waaaay too fast on the freeway but not too many of my friends really knew about that.

Motorcycle on a Mission

Hey if you are reading this then you probably already saw the pictures of me stunt riding. I was amazed at how many people let me know how concerened they were, even some of the people who i thought would have said "wow cool" actually said "Reed, thats not cool I dont want to see you get hurt." After talking to some of you it really made me stop and think about my riding. I've always told myself and everyone else that I'll be safe, but lately I have found myself riding a little faster and a little more dangerously than I should. So I sat down and thought about it some more and came up with a little personal mission statement about how I want to ride my bike. I wrote this for me, but I'll share it with you guys to let you know that I do listen.

I will always try to leave with enough time to arrive safely at my destination. If I do not have enough time then I will accept that I am going to be late and not try to compensate by speeding. I will not stunt ride or try to otherwise impress anyone with my riding abilities. I will not street race, I know my bike is very fast and I don't need to prove that to myself or anyone else. I will always take weather and road conditions into consideration while determining a safe speed. I will regularly inspect my motorcycle and keep it in excelent mechanical condition. I will always wear the best protective gear that I can afford. I will constantly strive to improve my riding skills by instruction, reading, practicing and learning in every way I can. When I am practicing new skills, I will do so on roads I am intimatly familiar with. I will always seek advice from more experienced riders and pass my knowledge on to more novice riders. The true joy of riding a motorcycle comes from enjoying the road, enjoying the machine and enjoying myself. I will respect the road, respect the bike and respect my limits. I will always ride like there is someone on the bike that I care about, even if that is just me. I will ride with other people who feel the same way. I love to ride and I want to be able to ride for a long time.


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