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Seems like it is about time for another giveaway! We appreciate your continued business and support and like to do this once in a while just as a small token of our appreciation.

No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram required to enter this contest but if you would like to follow us please do.

How the contest will work: post any cool picture of what you have been doing so far this summer and a number between 1-500. At the end of the contest I will have one of the girls in Customer Service randomly pick a number, closest to it wins! One entry only please and we will say the contest ends Monday July 11th at 4PM EST. Good luck everyone!

So for this giveaway we have a Woodcraft Stay Dry riding shirt by Helly Hanson in size large as well as the matching pants in size large. We will also through in a RD t-shirt as well!

MSRP $80.00

As always, we have many items (including this one) that are not listed online. Feel free to shoot me a PM or a phone call about anything you might be after.

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128 race number. solo trip up the coast of lake superior, to our vacation home in northern Ontario.

ps: thanks Mike, and Riders Discount for doing this! Ski


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