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Review 3D zzz chain

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Just thought I would share my experience with the 3d chain. I have a 2016 zx10r with almost every bolt on out. At my first service interval 500miles. I didnt sprocket and chain 520 conversion. Went Renthal 16t from and a supersprox rear 40t. Top speed for the bike after flash was 181. Acceleration insane. Beat numerous busa's and couple 14s. Bike now has 17.2k miles on it and i just popped the master link which im fixing as we speak. My bike has been to the drags a few times, 9/10 races, burnouts wheelies you name chain has taken it. The master link replacement will only be a temp fix til new 3d chain. I clean my bike every saturday 2hrs and chain maintenance is detailed. If your on the edge about spending the extra cash for one. WELL WORTH IN MY BOOK almost 17k miles on one chain at my hard riding is insane.
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