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Can you guys recommend some good repair shops around the Tulsa area? This bike is new to me so I'm still learning what all is wrong with it. The forks are leaking and need to be rebuilt. I'd like to go back with a little heavier oil when I have them done. I'm about 225 so I would also like to get the rear spring upgraded and might as well rebuild the shock while they are at it. Lastly I figure I might as well have the steering damper redone as well.

I'll probably never get the bike out on the track so just a good factory rebuild is all I will need. All that said. would aftermarket be a better idea? Should I just pull all that parts myself and send them to race tech? Should I just search around for some good used pieces? What are your thoughts and suggestions?

I went to Synergy here in town and they quoted me some pretty high prices on this work. I also checked with Shaggy's which is an actual Kawi dealer and they quoted me around $500 worst case scenario on the fork job. Probably be cheaper but without seeing they couldn't get exact on pricing.

Lastly, (sorry I know this is turning into a long post) I plan to add some exhaust, remove the baffles, servo, cats, install my riflemans, etc and would like to get the bike tuned. I'm not looking to build a hp monster, not even concerned about bragging rights, I just know it will need tuning to run right once I get done modding it. I like the idea of a PC w/ autotune since I don't have a dyno and have never written my own map before but the price point is high. I've been reading up on the DIY stuff and thought I could probably find someone elses map that is pretty close to my mods and just running that map which looks like a cheaper option. Or I figure I can just buy a used PC and have a local shop right a map for me, Which again leads back to my original question. Any good places to go in the Tulsa area?

If you've made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.
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