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Removing stock headers

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I just got a set of Black Widows De-cat headers and im planning out what all i need to do to get them installed. Ive seen multiple ways people on here have done them, such as:
  • Leaving fairings on, angling the radiator to get room and using a swivel extension
  • Removing the side headers, Removing Radiator, And using a socket
  • Removing the side fairings and front assembly, removing radiator, and using socket.
Obviously the less to take off, the better, But I dont have a swivel socket, and i dont see a way to get in and properly take them off, and torque them properly back without taking the radiator off.... So my question is, Has anyone removed the radiator without taking off the entire front assembly and fairings? And if so how did you do it?


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I would remove the fairings only and swing the radiator out for more clearance, as long as you have a good set of universal joints and socket extensions you can access all of the nuts that hold the header on.

Ask a buddy or get a set of universal joints off amazon. If you were in my area I wouldnt mind lending you my stuff.
Yeah i have a friend thats actually a Yamaha mechanic, but i was gonna try to DIY today. Im gonna probably go borrow his set of sockets and get it done tonight, Much appreciated!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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