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A young man lets his girlfriend talk him into going to a nude beach where he ends up with certain body parts sunburned.
After dropping the young lady off he returns to his apartment to change before taking her out to dinner. While at home he complains to his roommate about his sunburned equipment. His roommate tells him " I know this sounds strange but put it in a glass of milk, it will ease the pain."
Thinking his roommate is full of it he leaves and goes out with his girl. after dinner,dancing, and more than a few drinks they end up back at her house getting intimate.

After they get done dancing horizontally she falls asleep.
Laying there awake do to the pain of his sunburned tool the young man finally decides to try his roommate's suggestion.
He goes in the kitchen and pours a glass of milk and sticks his Johnson in it.

As he's standing there in blissful relief the light goes on and there is his girlfriend staring at him.

Before he can say anything she blurts out " So that's how guys reload that thing! "
1 - 2 of 2 Posts