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Reintroducing Photomike666

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Been a long time since I posted here, so thought I'd reintroduce myself.

Last time I posted I'd just purchased a 1987 Honda CR250 to restore - 18 months later and I’m finally starting it! It’s bare frame ready for the clean up, source parts etc.

The CR project got put on hold as I had purchased a written off 2006 ZX10R, which has now been converted into a track bike. Re-valve and respring on the stock rear shock, new cartridges, valves and springs in the forks, ZX14 Front callipers. Quick action throttle, Vortex rear sets, refurbished race glass, Competition Werks GP Exhaust and a nice set of Pirelli Diabolo Super Corsers.

I still have the Blue 07 ZX10 which I purchased new very nearly 10 years ago; I still love it and will keep it for ever.

However, I have just put a deposit down on the limited edition 2017 ZX10RR with the race kit - fingers crossed I'm one of the lucky few...


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:welcome: back PhotoMike! :welcome:

Let hope you get that RR as well, Good luck!!:thumbsup:

And if you do, pinky promise to post pics!!

Sorry, I'm a pic freak >:)
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