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Is Cox still the best to go with?
Cox has never failed me..........i've also made several for some of my local track rat buddies. time spent, maybe 45 min's even with painting.....money spent, maybe $20. home depot and lowes both sell almost the exact same material that the cox rad guards are made from and even in different patterns.

These guys make them as well...
(last item on the page) 5 times $$$ over COX..
must be better.. :crackup:
:eek:$346 dollars!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta be shittin me!!! that's more than a new radiator runs right?!!:eek2:

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Home Despot :lol: That's what I was thinking, because I've had the Cox ones in past & was surprised how the materials didn't appear too advanced.

Well, since I have a Gixxer (not brand loyal yet, but do miss my 04 ZX10), this one says oil cooler guard too Still, that's crazy money!!!

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