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Rebuilt Title(Frame damage) - TN - $1000

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Well, I have two 10r's and only have the money to fix one.

I'm selling the first one I bought.
Had 9k miles at the date of purchase, recently passed 27k
Dinged frame (Bought it that way)
Forks busted
Needs brake pads
I hit a deer on it a short while ago and now it has an odd scrapping sound coming from the front end when accelerating but quits once going over 15mph..
Needs crank case. Has a small leak.
Needs valve adjustment

Bike starts on the first time, every time. Oil changed every 2k. Bike is geared -1, +2. Tires are new. I have a lot of random gen 1 parts laying around that will be included. Motor doesn't knock but you can hear that it needs a valve adjustment. Well worth the money if you have the time. Bike has been well taken care of for the most part. After hitting the deer, I just can't dish out any more money on this one. I've had the bike looking really nice. I will include a video link to show the bike when it finishes uploading to youtube. It's a walkthrough and a sound clip.

Things I've done since owning it
Regular oil changes (Filter included)
Pads are actually newish but it was my first time buying and I didn't buy what I now prefer
CCT is new
Grips, Slip on, Spark Plugs, Battery, Throttle cable, clutch cable, New throttle bodies, air filter, headlight, geared. The bike runs rich, will shoot flames out of the exhaust when down shifting (Normal?) Bike shifts through all gears fine. Not looking to get what I put into it but just what I think it's worth. actually bought it for 2.5 in 2013 (I'm the 2nd owner) and the title is in my name.
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