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So I was walking around the mall with my girlfriend trying to find GoPro accessories to mount to my old helmet. Not for video logging or anything like that, but I wanted a camera that was rolling for "just in case" situations....

In the process of looking for solutions, I ran into this mount from SP Gadgets.

Spent $20, and called it a day. It's not as convenient as a ram x grip, and at first I was skeptical to even mount the phone to it. I found that compressing the slider with the phone in the mount as much as possible THEN tightening it down (with a coin) was the most secure way of holding the phone. Now the roads in Japan are smooth for the most part, I mounted the phone, held the mount and shook the crap out of it trying to get it to dislodge and it held just fine. So I mounted it onto the bike, shoot over to the Yokohama bay bridge and take her up to speed. That bridge always seems to be windy, and when I'm in my van it bullies it around a lot. So I felt it would test the mount "realistically". Took the bike to good amount of speed and was happy how the mount held up.

Now I have a gps reference for the crazy roads here in Japan, got it for cheap, and in totally happy with the fact that I can use the accessory for other things.

I just ordered the ram tether for added security and piece of mind that my brand new iPhone 7 plus won't come flying off. Just thought I'd post it for anyone else looking for an option for their gen 4 (jealous there isn't a hole under the triple tree clamp like the gen 5, otherwise I'd grab a ram mount and never look back).

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