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Rear Spring Swap

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Searched and can't find what i need....

@ 195lbs without gear the rear spring is a little weak of me... How hard is it to swap out the spring once the shock is off the bike???
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It's not very hard to do.

Just have to compress the spring.

There's lots of ways to do it and lot of special tools.

But if you have a floor jack and can visualize what I've done here, it was
easy and quite safe.


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Cool thanks. I'll look into a new race tech spring for my fat ass.
cant quite see what you got going on there but looks interesting.

It might be simpler then it looks.

2 tie down straps, 1 strap for each side of shock.

Tie down strap runs through upper coil (2nd coil in photo)
and both ends of the tie down are hooked to the bottom of the jack.

Ratchet strap only to take up any slack.

Repeat on opposite side with 2nd strap.

Use tails of straps to lash to pole for stability.

Now as you pump the jack , the straps are hooked to the
bottom of the jack and the spring will compress

Photo shows compressed spring with the collar ready to remove.

Let jack down to release spring.
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Please don't change the spring this way. You're dealing with a TON of force and are asking for trouble. Call up a local shop and see if they can swap out the spring for you. To give you an idea I charge $15 if you bring a spring and a shock to swap springs and takes 5 minutes.
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Please don't change the spring this way. You're dealing with a TON of force
I couldn't agree more.

Take to a shop and have them swap spring out. Or better
yet have them dyno the shock, test and rebuild/Freshen the shock
Gen 2 can have issue with leaky bladder and could use new oil and
nitro check by now too.


Do you guys do shock Dynos and rebuilds for the stock shocks?

Front Forks are even harder to break down, should see my rig for that!
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195? Fuck that's my fighting weight.
195 is my "I need to cut down on my drinking" weight :)
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