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I had my 04 parked next to my friends (my old) 05 and sure as sh*t his tail is about 2 inches higher than mine.

I guess my spring has sagged??

I really need to set up my suspension.

I have never messed with the suspension on any of my bikes.

Do you guys think the sag is normal?

The bike has 3,600 miles on it and I am a bit of a fat fugger - 200 lbs

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Crispin, If you do alot of wheelies, maybe that has made the spring wear out quicker than normal.

But if I was you, Id look at the preload on the rear shock. See how many threads you have showing above the spring compared to his. If you have less threads than he has, you bike would sit a little lower.

Also if the tires are different or worn more or less...several things can effect the height.

Bent subframe?

If you wanna get a good starting point on your suspension, take your bike to the track again, and have a pro set it up for you. Thats what I did and it took about 10min to do and $20.

My 10R sense.
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