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Ok so here's the back story

Brand new zx10rr
Just put 500 miles on it.
Washed it and oil change.

So after I washed it and did the oil change it wouldn't start. So I made sure oil level was good.
I checked the kick stand saftey switch( unplugged dried waited plyged it back in)
Waited a day to try and start it again and it cranked up today.
Problem is I'm dumping raw fuel in the exhaust. Its spitting from the rear( thought it was water at first and said damn I didn't think I got any water in there because I only used the hose on the lower half and mostly on the wheels and bottom fairing) but I was like ok maybe condensation. Well nope it started smoking from the front end. Again it's the water that was in the exhaust or a pool that got trapped somewhere smoking off.

Then I could smell the gas.
I shut it off immediately and raw gas was dripping from the header to mid pipe connection. And I mean alot of fuel it made a puddle like I tipped over a almost empty coke can. Maybe a once or slightly more. Yeah thats not a lot but when it's fuel I call that alot lol.

Any who I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow and have them check it out but im curious to your all thoughts to help me sleep or to confirm my fears.

I'm thinking stuck injector or or fouled plug maybe?

No way it's the rings right as it would be throwing oil and blue smoke not just fuel.

It did not sound bad at all while running.

Oh and it has a pc6 installed so maybe it is faulty and dumping more fuel ?

I'm not sure how I could have blown anything. I haven't went to either extreme in the break in.
No full on red lining and no lugging around.

Any ideas to help a man not want to throw the damn thing in a lake cause im 馃挴 heartbroken right now and im not taking it very well.

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Under warranty so back to dealer. Something simple. Rare to have these odd problems but not unusual, why dealers have warranties, then warranties for extended time with a fee. Don't ride it; buy Triple AAA premium family and they'll pick it and drop off.

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Yeah its there, just heartbroken in the meantime. And they said 10to 14 days to diagnose so after paying for it. Waiting 3 weeks. Having it for 2 im back to waiting three or more weeks haha

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If you lifted the tank to disconnect the kick stand switch i think you damaged or didnt reconnect the fuel line correctly causing fuel to run down and drip off the exhaust making it appear to come from inside the pipe.

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I didnt disconnect up there for perm removal. I just unplugged at the bottom to dry it off.

It better not mess with warranty. They installed it hahaha

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Full graves exhaust. And fi 85 filter.

Bad part is that I didn't know when I told the dealer to go with pc6 that they don't have any maps for it other than stock lol.

So I literally rode around not knowing they had not installed a map for the exhaust.

If I knew that on front end I would have waited for the exhaust until u was ready to do the flash.
This is why I like to install all my own stuff but new bike, dealer had it, so it was just easier.
Oh well lesson learned

And still no word from the dealer on what's wrong hopefully I have that soon.

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Well got the bike back

They took the pc6 off and it's not dumping fuel but on the way home it was falling flat at 5k steady throttle. If I roll on while it was there it would just lose all go juice like I killed it.
Let off it came back.

So im thinking maybe the spark plug from the gas bath needed to be cleared out.

So I opened her up and its just as smooth as can be while going but it's hitting rough spots in 1st at take off and 2nd 3rd about 4k still

Ifle seems weird as well but it may be clearing up a bit.

Do you think that's normal after what happened.
So I just put 100 miles or more and see what happens?
Change the plugs?
Or go back to the dealer

They said no warranty
Charged me 500 bucks to take it off and I just don't want to go back there at all.

If warranty is gone why should I unless between me and you guys can't come up with a sound idea hahaha

Since I have the exhaust It could be a fueling issue from the low end and it being choppy.

So I could go ahead and flash it
Take it to the shop that I'm gonna have tune it and see what they think.

I think the flash might just fix it after it clears up. It really is doing better no more falling flat at 5k
Just choppy on low end take off which would in my mind make sense after having the full exhaust
I'll throw the video up of how it sounds at idle and gas it up to 2k.

I know its hard for you guys to say one way or the other but I would rather sort through a few ideas then go back there.
They made me feel like they didn't know what they were doing when asking me how the power commander was installed lol.

I mean just take it off and it goes back factory. It doesn't mess with the ecu it's a piggy back system.
I was like do yall even know what your doing on this bike?

Any who thanks in advance

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The power commander installation was in error; kawa warranty will not cover BUT the dealer has a warranty of 90 days or so. I think you're under 90 days? Check you service order. If all good under time limits, call service manager and GENTLY go over the service order and request refund.

Next, if service manager refuses then leave that conversation and see if the dealer has a store manager. If so, talk to him. Go over the same service order. If he refuses, THEN go to Kawa and point out the problem with the dealer. Kawa won't cover the problem but Kawa admin can possibly work out the problem with the dealer.

In future, I would suggest that you do not do ANY mods with a new liter, other than switching out the can and installing the fender eliminator. The bike is new, with around 160 hp, and can kick ass on any track, with experienced rider, with the paper dealer tag on the plate. Once you dial in, you'll run through tires and tire and tires. That's where your money will go.

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Yeah I jumped the gun a bit lol.

Bit as a update sales guy is going to swap the pc6. No argument there. Savannah kawi dealer has been awesome the whole time. Local dealer in knoxville not so much.
But the bike has cleared out and running good just need to tune the damn thing.

So I guess next course is to flash and tune when I get the new pc6.
Or maybe get the auto tune not sure whats best. I'm thinking dyno if I can find someone who has a good reputation on these bikes. Never did the auto tune so not entirely sure if that would be good or.

But main thin is it cleared out and I'm no longer worried (for now haha)

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Yep running good now just a bit rich.
Took the commander off and it stopped over fueling.
Maybe the pc6 got wet and shorted or something who knows. But after pulling it off it was a bit wonky for a bit but it cleared out. Maybe the plug was fouled or cylinder floded idk but all good in the hood now.
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