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Pretty heated about my experience with this group so I apologize ahead of time for my rant...

I ordered a set of lights for my fathers 2012 Raider, on December 9th. I paid for 2-day shipping so they would be here by Christmas. After sending two emails and by the 20th I didn't receive the product, and had no shipping confirmation. Called them up and they said they were having "email troubles and never received the order" even though I had an order confirmation and everything, which they looked it up by. ??? So I told them I needed it by christmas, as my father was going in for surgery and I wanted him to see it beforehand. "Sorry, can't do anything about it, we were having email troubles" and hung up on me. I received the turn signals the 31st.

Turns out he found another set on the same site, so he asked me to exchange them. It's been two emails and about 4 phone calls later, and still no RMA info or any sort of communication to me. I'm trying to exchange these turn signals and spend more money to get the set my dad likes, and still not getting anywhere...

The customer service for this company is atrocious, which is a shame because they really do have some cool stuff to offer. I wanted to tell my story, hoping that its not the norm, and also to forewarn any of those who plan to order from them.

If there is anyone on this site that has any connections to the company, I would greatly appreciate any assistance if possible...

Thanks for letting me vent!
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