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This made me cry.

As I drive down the road

In excitement but sleep

My eyes slightly closed

I know I’m in deep

My truck pulling my trailer

My bike in the back

My wallet is empty

But happiness I don’t lack

I arrive before dawn

No sound in the air

I let out a yawn

I am finally there

I unload all my stuff

My bike on its stands

I sure brought enough

But I could use one more hand

Things start to awake

As I register and tech

They check out my brakes

And my hair that’s a wreck

My race soon approaches

As I pull on my suit

No cheerleaders or coaches

Just me and my boots

My helmet goes on

As I turn on my ride

The sleepiness gone

This event is for pride

I get up to the grid

Far right, second row

I need a good start

But I start out real slow

I aim for turn one

A right hander quite easy

But not with the sun

And thirty riders between me

I go in real hot

And push some aside

I find a small slot

For this do I ride

I come out of turn one

In third with my soul

This pressure for fun?

No to win is my goal

The race progresses on

As I’m on my last lap

The nervousness gone

As I close the small gap

I pass outside for second

And the leader goes wide

I pass on the inside

In first place I do ride

Down the front straight I fly

I’m shifting like mad

The checkers wave high

As I cross the line glad

I won my first race

What a joy I did feel

The look on my face

Of happiness that’s real

For the podium I head

All around do scream

I wake up in bed

For this was a dream.

---JJ Maule---

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NICE :cool:

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I liked it!.......:ayyy:

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That was pretty good
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