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Racers suggestions advice

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I need/want advice from racers.

I currently race an R6 and want to get a 2016 zx10r. I hear that the new zx10 doesn't need much to be competitive in the 1000 class but don't know what "much" entails.

For those of you that race the zx.

What are the must have mods in order to race it and be happy?
Can I get away with not getting suspension? I have ohlins on my r6.

Do I just need bodywork, flash, exhaust, tires and brake pads?

Thanks. I don't know much about kawis I had a 636 back in 2004.
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It depends on how competitive your classes are. I'm assuming club racing? The 2016 still needs a rear shock, and the woolich kit as the bare minimum in my book.

The top guys in AFM run re-valved forks, aftermarket shock, ecu flash tool, upgraded front brake master, and most likely the KHI kit adjustments for steering head.
It depends how fast you are.

But it is safe to assume a shock and a flash are necessary, but then again that is almost any bike.

If you want to save money (that is why you are asking this question) I would say get a used 2011+ zx10 ready for the track, they are still very competitive.
Yea like mentioned above, it all depends on the market you're racing in. Some are more competitive than others and in the end, it's the rider that makes the biggest difference.

I did well here in our Florida series on a near stock 2013 last year and early this year.

IMO musts is the obvious, bodywork, Woolich and probably a shock. Although I did well with the stock forks and shock.

But, that was on a 2013, I am just now building my 16 and haven't had it on the track yet...
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