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Hi guys

I'm new to the ZX10R and would like to get some advice on how to use the software for the Kit ECU. I have used HRC, YEC and FTECU in the past but not the Kawasaki Race kit software.
The problem I have is that I would like to extract the data from the ECU to review the changes made by the previous tuner.
I have the manual and have read it like 50 times but it is a bit flakey to say the least when it comes to instructions in how to extract data from the ECU.
The bike is a Gen.4 2012

Later I will write a bit about the bike and what is done. It is truly a nice piece of kit


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You need the adapter cable to connect the ECU and your computer.

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From Factory Pro Website:
Kawasaki KRT kit ecu tuning Factory Pro

Page 71 of the FI Cal Tool manual does a pretty good job of explaining it. Make sure you save often, and always make sure you are editing the file you intended. It gets confusing.

Sending data (reflashing) (your tuning file, table, map) to the ECU
Engine off, key on and Run switch on

Main Menu > SET
Select: Data Exchange
Select Read
It will ask you to read from ECU data
Read direct from ECU to probably see what's there and probably save it to a file on your computer.

Edit Data
What you've been adjusting (rpm and throttle breakpoints, fuel and ignition and whatever values on your computer

File Data
It will prompt you to find a file on your computer that you want to download to the ECU.
In this example, we want to send your set of modified tables to the bike's ECU - so, it's either Read the computer's saved "Mystandard_data.est" File Data and download it to the ECU or you could just send the current Edit Data that's on your computer screen (but make sure you save it!)
After you hit READ at the bottom left of the box, you'll get a confirmation, like "Read from edit data (or file or ECU data) ---> Complete"

To Write or send your data to the ECU, simply hit Write. (Engine off, key on and Run switch on)
It will take about a minute to download.
When 100% finished (it will say so), turn the ignition off for 5-10 seconds, then turn it back on.
I'm not absolutely sure that it's necessary to cycle the Denso ECU, but, whenever reflashing an ECU, it's wise to second guess the manual.

You've got 3 other choices across the Write box
Verify (to cross check you data against the ECU data)
Clear (to re-choose data to send)
Close (to close this box and get on with tuning)

None of it is really user friendly. I would get the Woolich setup if you really want to know true values and more edit functions.
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