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hey i know allot of us here own different bikes and a zx10 so wanted to pass this along.
This weekend i got a call from a buddy and he had no front brakes.... Well i told him to stop by so i could take a look. at the same time my IT guy was coming by on his bike. he also owns a r6. well when mike gets here i go threw his brake system and all is good but there is no front brakeing.... wont bleed or nothing...? I call a freind and he ask "does it have aftermarket brake levers?" well yea there powdercoat blue. "there's your problem. the r6 aftermarket levers from 01 to current have a plunger thats too long." so i take the lever loos and sure enough POP the master cyclender pop's out about a 1/8th inch. The brakes couldnt get fluid from the resovar. So i grind the end down about 1/16th and poof it works like a charm!
Powder coat right? NO i look one off my IT guys bike and he has aluminum aftermarket WITH THE SAME PROBLEM!!!! different company and everything! i was amazed to see 2 companys with the same problem!!!!
look at the lever see the round dial? There is a arrow on it. on the oposite end the arrow is pointing grind alittle metal off then smooth out and debur. there should be alittle daylight between the plunger and the brake. this allows fresh fluid to flow in and out.
if the bike sits for alittlewhile you may hop on it and not have front brakes the next time you need them.

Post this in ya'lls r-6 forums fellas. didnt want to fog up the member list.
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