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Quick shifter delay!!!!

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Can someone tell me why there is a delay between each shift? my bike is flash, fuel map, air filter, 520 conversion and more. I feel that whenever I'm shifting, there is a slowdown of the bike....I talked to the mechanic and told him that this is normal.
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Uh, what bike? What quick shifter are you using? What kill times are set? When are you using the quick softer and how are you using it?

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i have a zx10r 2016, flashed, autoblip, kill time aroud 75 i think so, i do a lot of roll on with my son bmw s1000rr and the problem is, if we start in third gear, I always take the lead and while I change gears the bike loses its momentum and then regains speed. big waste of time!!!!
Yep, that's how the factory quick shifter behaves. Not sure if Woolich or FTECU has a way to change those factory QS maps yet or not but they didn't have the ability when I tuned mine. One thing I can say is that I've not had any transmission problems with my 2016 like I did with my 2014 and the Bazzaz QS.
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