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Hey guys,

I've got an '06 Z1000 with '06 ZX6R/636 forks, etc.

I want to swap on a set of ZX-10R rims, but I have a couple questions.

Are the rear rims 04/05 and 06/07 the same with the exception of different factory colors? The spokes, etc, appear to be the same.

I've read that the 04/05 front rims are different from the 06/07 rims with regards to axle size. Can anybody verify this with specs? I know the 06/07 rim will fit my 06 636 axle, but I'm not sure if the 04/05 will.

What is the O.D. of the 10R front rotors? 320mm?

Anybody know the axle sizes?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!!
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